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Marieve Luckless Montreal / canada Atelier Kuro Shino

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Beginning as a piercer, his attraction to tattooing were greater and among friends he began his first steps as a tattoo artist. Today luckless, already installed in the body art industry, open his doors to tell us his story...

Tell us,how it was to make the decision to start the tattoo? Was there a colleague who helped you or family, friends who motivated you?

I always had a strong interest in tattoos, piercings, body modification and I started working as a body piercer in a tattoo shop while I was studying digital arts in Concordia University. This whole time, tattooing was very appealing to me, but I didn’t know what style I’d go for. When I started getting more educated on geometry, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I got a lot of help from an ex co worker, who teached me the basics. Thank you Krystel !

Why black and not use colors?

At first, I was mainly doing dotwork, with black and sometimes grey wash, so I guess that black just stuck with me ! I also don’t have any color piece on me, and lots of heavy blackwork. I totally appreciate color tattoos, and have mad respect for those who are good with colors, I just don’t have it in me! 

What did you feel when you made your first piece?

Anxiety and stress ! Haha. I was always nervous and didn't want to fuck it up. First tattoos were really mixed feelings for me, but mostly I was happy while I was learning.

Also shout out to my friends who let me do my first tattoos on them.

Did you imagine living from the tattoo?

Absolutely not ! Even if I knew from a pretty young age that I could never work a regular 9-5, I always looked up to tattoo artists and kind of “envied” the lifestyle. I knew for sure that I wanted to be my own boss, but it’s not until I put in all the effort and sacrifice and really committed to tattooing full time , that I realised it was actually doable and that it was not meant for others only. Everyone who puts in the work can become what they really want to be. 

What is it that most attracts you doing this style? It is quite a complex style, why did you choose it...

Geometry really caught my eye and is the only style I take pleasure into drawing or even tattooing, I love doing it and the headaches that it sometimes causes me are totally worth it in the end ! Also my weeks are pretty well balanced between geometry and heavy blackwork, so no time to get bored of these styles haha!

How is your preparation to make a design, does it take you a long time for a special request or do you already have certain designs?

It used to take me a lot of times to put a sleeve all together, but these days I feel more confident and do pretty much everything at the first sitting with my client.

I do use some patterns that I predrawn, when I create one that I really like, I sometimes use it in more than one project, but mostly, every pattern is one of a kind, except if my client asks to include an already existing or popular pattern, for exemple the flower of life !

Full black must have a technique, do you want to tell us a little?

Oh it does ! Describing it is always tough for me; you kinda have to feel it in your hand, in your machine. You know when you'll whipe if its gonna be as black as it can be or not. It’s 

Do you have plans for these following months?

I opened my studio a year ago with 2 of my best friends, we are currently still working to improve it to the maximum, we have wonderful artists working with us and we’re thankful that they trust us and our project enough to chose to join the team. 

Next year?

I want to travel a bit and take part in a few tattoo conventions! 

I have to ask why only the cat and not others?

Ahahaha clearly is the favorite. I would've loved to send a good picture of me and the team from the shop, but we never got one good picture all of us together hahaha. 

My cat is always there when I draw my designs, he’s the first to see the piece, even before the customer haha ! Always watching me and making sure everything is on point! 

How to contact you..

Best way to contact me to book for a project or for a price estimate, is via my website , under “contact”. Simply fill the mini form, and with all the info, the shop manager will contact you and talk pricing, availabilities, etc.

You can also always reach me via my IG @lucklesstattoos, for questions, a quick chat, or to book a guest spot at the shop!


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