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KAROL DIASLOS ANGELES - CALIFORNIA- USA@karoldiastattooistKarol: Transformative Tattoo Art from Los Angeles

With roots in Brazil and a heart in Los Angeles, Karol is a tattoo artist who has taken the world of skin art by storm. Her distinctive technique and nature-inspired designs have elevated her art to unimaginable heights. Join us in exploring her fascinating journey and achievements in an exclusive interview that redefines the art of tattooing. Join us on this journey through Karol's creativity and talent!

1. Karol, could you tell us where you're from and where you are currently located?

Hi, I'm frm Brazil, currently located in Los Angeles - CA

2. The world of tattooing often starts in an unconventional way for many. Could you share how you first discovered tattooing?

My first contact with tattoo was at the age of 18, in the city where I was born and raised, Umuarama-PR, a small city in Brazil, at the time the tattoo was very limited in this region.

I was self-taught and started my process alone, experimenting on friends.

3. Tell us, how many years have you been in this profession and what was the process that led you to where you are today?

I've been a tattoo artist for 10 years,

After my first contact with the tattoo machine I never stopped, I tattooed for 3 years in the city where I was born and raised, when I decided to move to Sao Paulo, Brazil, where everything flowed naturally, I had contact with amazing artists and was able to evolve more and more. In 2018, after 5 years of work, I won my first international award at the Tattoo Week convention, after that I started traveling for work and got to know Los Angeles, and when I arrived I already knew that this would be my home, it is an artistic and inspiring city. I lived in Sao Paulo for 6 years and the opportunity came to move to Los Angeles, I always said yes to a new opportunity, and I continue to say yes to every new one that appears.

4.Your tattoo style not only involves fine lines and dotwork but also incorporates colors. What led you to choose this style, and what aspects of it attract you?

For me, what attracts me most is the fluidity with which I can develop my work, and my clients are attracted to this. I always try to create timeless art, in some cases with colors in an elegant and subtle way.

5. We've noticed that your artworks are often rooted in nature. Could you explain why you have this connection with nature?

The flow and naturalness of nature connects with art in an incredible way, I try to bring this to each tattoo I do.

6. In your career, where do you find yourself at the moment?

At the moment I'm looking for something more in my style, moving to another country and having contact with another culture has given me this different perspective on my work, I'm still trying to understand where this will take me, but always with the idea of evolving artistically

7. You've had the experience of being a judge at tattoo conventions. How has this experience made you feel, and do you find it challenging to be a judge?

Certainly, being a judge is challenging, because judging someone else's art and work doesn't just include technique, many things are evaluated and there you have to leave your personal taste aside and know how to see the beauty of other styles that are different from what I'm used to.

8. Do you have any professional goals or aspirations for the future? What would you like to happen in your career?

Yes, I still have many goals, first of all to consolidate my career here, maybe have my own team with selected artists from different styles

9.If someone wishes to get in touch with you, how can they do so?

The best way is via chat on WhatsApp, where my assistant will provide all the assistance and answer all questions by calling +55 1197227-7583. I have a direct link available on my Instagram profile


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