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LozeSeoul South Korea @loze_bngtattoo studio Team BERMUDA

Tell us about your style...

Realistic based on black and gray

I'm trying a lot to express my own texture. I'm having a lot of thoughts and making efforts to create rough and soft expressions freely.

I think it's very difficult for an artist to be able to say "This is Loze's work" when they see my pieces. In particular, I think it is very difficult to express my own style as a worker in the realistic genre. So I tried to learn my own description, and expression, within this genre

Was your beginning difficult?

My parents aren't poor, but I didn't want to involve them in my travel, so I started getting tattoos without any money. I rode my bike because I didn't have a bus fare and I had to use a handcart to move my luggage. Haha...

I moved recklessly to work in Hongdae, the most famous area for tattoos in Korea. There were good artists and I wanted to compete among them and get to the top.

I've been working hard enough to proudly say that I worked harder than anyone else, maybe that's why I had been contacted by you (dgn)

Have you been inspired by others or did you just flow until you reached the style in which you stand out today?

I don't go to exhibitions or travel for inspiration. I get inspiration from everyday life. Just looking at natural objects on the street, I think about the texture expression, and when I see a great scene, I think about why that scene is cool. Design ideas come to my mind before going to bed.

Sometimes when I close my eyes to sleep, an idea suddenly comes to me. Then I get up and I start making designs right away.

Have you studied any type of art before starting to tattoo? Are you studying at the moment?

I want to give a nice answer, but unfortunately, I didn't study art separately to get a tattoo. Theoretical art studies do not feel necessary to me.

Because I only want to do my art. I think art is in everyday life. Even if you live the same daily life, it will feel different depending on the point of view and thoughts.

Most people just pass by a tree on the street. However, if you look at the tree, observe and think about what kind of tree it is and why it looks like this, it will definitely look more meaningful and different. This is how I come into contact with art.

Why the tattoo?

When I was in college, I majored in fashion design. However, I found out that it didn't suit my aptitude and I had no choice that find a new career path.

I wanted to draw, but I also wanted to earn a lot of money. I don't know about other countries, but in Korea, it's very difficult to make a lot of money by drawing pictures.

While I was contemplating which job to choose, I saw a tattoo on a friend's body, and at that moment, I was thrilled. After that, I learned to tattoo right away. HAHA

Tell us about something crazy that has happened to you. Unforeseen things usually happen when tattooing or with unusual requests, or at conventions, etc., or are you still undefeated in those situations?

There were many unusual and mysterious requests. Among them, the thing that touched me the most was getting my name engraved on the customer's body. What a cool thing to do as a tattooist!

It's like an astronaut leaving footprints on the moon. I've had about 5 guests who made the same request and it's such an honor, thank you, it's a crazy thing for me.

Where are you tattooing? .. in your studio?

When I was in my 5th year as a tattoo artist, I opened my own shop in Hongdae, Seoul. I am working with 25 colleagues.

Do you do other activities?

I have a very busy life. I have 3 jobs. Tattooist, Husband, and Dad. Really busy :)

Why Canada? I understand that you usually travel often..

Thankfully, I received calls from many countries around the world. However, the reason I chose Canada is because it is the first country where I experienced guest work. I want to experience other countries as well. If I can afford it, I want to travel around the world.

Tell me about your family, do you have a wife or children? How are they organized with your schedules, do you travel together or do you go alone?

My wife is a very beautiful and wise woman. I am very happy with my wife and married life. She gave me a very lovely baby. I am very happy and thankful to my wife and her son but unfortunately, I have to be separated from them family for 2 years.

Because I'm going to Canada alone. I wanted to go with my family, but I chose to go alone because of my child's hospital problems and my wife's loneliness.

Do you have organized trips to other countries this year?

An invitation came from an elite tattoo convention in Germany. A lot of talented artists come there. So I really wanted to go... but I couldn't go because my schedule was busy... I was so sorry... If there is a convention next year, I want to participate

Future plans, seminars, conventions where the public can find you...

I planning to be in Canada from January 2024 to January 2026. I have no plans for anything else because I want to focus on tattooing.

I want to improve the quality of my work and I will devote myself to tattoos to make my designs look better.

How can they contact you?

Instagram DM @loze_bng or Email!

Anything you want to say....

I will become the number one artist in the world. And I will compete with the alien planet tattooist. Maybe alien tattooists are already on Earth. This is because many artists are ridiculously good on Earth.


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