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Dave Paulo

"The journey of a former architect turned tattoo artist, Dave Paulo, is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. Beginning in 2013, Paulo entered the tattoo profession with the hope of creating an interesting and challenging life. Since then, he has developed a unique style, fusing pop art and realism in his designs. Mastering this style was not easy, as he faced difficulties finding his own artistic identity. However, his persistence and commitment paid off, taking him to win international awards and now serves as a jury member for the DGN competition. Paulo's dedication to his craft serves as an inspiration to aspiring tattoo artists everywhere."

In addition to his work as a tattoo artist, Dave Paulo also excels in the world of painting. He is a versatile artist who enjoys exploring different artistic mediums to express his creativity. In particular, he is passionate about painting and has developed a mixed technique that combines different elements to achieve a unique style.

In his painting works, Dave uses a mixed technique that involves a combination of various materials and tools to create interesting and eye-catching visual effects. Among these materials, oil paint stands out, a classic technique that allows him to achieve rich nuances and depth in his compositions.

Mixed media gives you a wide range of creative possibilities as you can experiment with different textures, colors, and visual elements. This mixture of techniques and materials allows him to explore new artistic horizons and create works that highlight his personal style and artistic vision.

This focus on painting and mixed media shows how Dave Paulo is not limited to just one artistic medium. In his constant search for creative expression, he looks for new challenges and opportunities to experiment with different forms of art, thus enriching his creative process and his overall artistic journey. His versatility and ability to excel in both fields, tattooing and painting, make him an artist with exceptional talent and a unique artistic vision.

Meeting a tattoo artist during his first tattoo experience was the event that led Dave to embark on the tattooing profession. During that occasion, while watching the artist work on his tattoo, the spark of inspiration and curiosity arose in Paulo's mind. Carefully observing every stroke and detail, he was drawn to the idea of ​​becoming a tattoo artist himself.

The conversation he had with the tattoo artist during the process was a pivotal moment that drove his decision. The artist shared his experience, his passion for the trade and the creative freedom he found in the world of tattooing. This sparked Dave's desire to explore this art form and embark on a path that promised a fascinating and challenging life.

The influence of this tattoo artist was so significant that the idea of ​​living a similar life, traveling to different places and leaving his artistic mark on people's skin, captivated him. He found the prospect of leading an interesting and enriching life as a tattoo artist exciting and exhilarating.

From that moment on, Dave Paulo ventured into the world of tattooing, assuming with passion and dedication the challenges and opportunities that this profession offered him. His inspiring story of transformation from architect to talented tattoo artist is proof of the transformative power of passion and determination in the pursuit of a fulfilling and fulfilling life.

This change has meant a complete transformation in his life. Before entering the world of tattooing, Dave was an architect, a profession that, while creatively passionate to him, also involved a number of administrative and bureaucratic aspects that he did not enjoy. The decision to pursue his passion for tattooing radically changed the direction of his life and provided him with a completely different and rewarding experience.

One of the main differences Dave Paulo has experienced is the freedom and control he now has over his work. As a tattoo artist, you have the opportunity to be your own boss, which gives you an independence and autonomy that you didn't have as an architect. This allows you to make creative and artistic decisions without having to go through the paperwork and formalities that are often associated with traditional jobs.

The being your own boss aspect also means that every day is a new and exciting challenge. As a tattoo artist, he is faced with different projects and clients, which gives him the opportunity to constantly develop his creativity and skills. Each tattoo represents an opportunity to improve and refine your art, which in turn allows you to continue to grow as a professional.

The change to the profession of a tattoo artist has also opened the door to a more interesting and dynamic life for Dave Paulo. Traveling and participating in tattoo conventions and competitions has given her the opportunity to meet new people, explore different cultures and expand her professional network.

In short, the switch from architecture to tattooing has been a transformative experience. It has allowed her to follow her passion, have more control over her work, face new challenges on a daily basis, and lead a more interesting and fulfilling life. Her story is an inspiring example of how following passion and dedication can lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

For Dave Paulo, the most difficult tattoo is without a doubt that of color portraits. This type of tattoo represents a particularly demanding challenge due to the delicate nature of depicting a human face with all its features and expressions.

The complexity lies in the need to achieve a high level of precision and realism. Every little detail counts in a portrait, as even the slightest change in the shape, shade or color of a facial feature can drastically affect the appearance of the person being portrayed. When it comes to representing a specific person, the expectation of similarity and accuracy is high, which adds pressure and responsibility to the artist.

Additionally, working with color in portraits means paying more attention to skin tones, blending pigments, and capturing the subtle nuances that make a face unique. Any errors or inaccuracies can result in a lack of resemblance to the person portrayed, which could disappoint the client and affect the tattoo artist's reputation.

To achieve a successful color portrait, Dave must spend extra time and effort to study the client's face, understand their features, and capture their essence in the tattoo. Technical skill and patience are essential to obtain a final result that is truly impressive and satisfying for the client.

Despite the challenges, mastery of color portraiture is also a testament to a tattoo artist's talent and skill. It is a testament to Dave Paulo's ability to face the toughest challenges and excel in his artistic field. Color portraiture is a demanding and rewarding art form for him, allowing him to create works that reflect the unique character of each individual and leave a lasting impression on his clients' skin.

The references that have influenced the artistic career of this tattoo artist have been diverse and represent an amalgamation of inspirations. Initially, when he began his career, he was attracted to other tattoo artists, mainly those who specialized in realistic art. These artists gave you a starting point and technical foundation on your way to honing your tattooing skills.

However, over time, Dave Paulo expanded his artistic horizons and began to look to other art forms for inspiration. Especially, he found a strong impact in street art, an urban artistic movement that uses various techniques and styles to express messages and emotions in public spaces. This change in his approach allowed him to explore new perspectives and artistic approaches, ultimately contributing to the creation of his own unique style.

Known for its rebellious and expressive nature, street art may have given Dave Paulo a new appreciation for unrestrained creativity and freedom of expression in art. This influence is reflected in his innovative approach to combining pop art and realism in his tattoos, creating a distinctive style that sets him apart in the industry.

Dave's ability to look beyond the confines of the traditional tattoo world and find inspiration in other forms of artistic expression has been critical to his growth and success as a tattoo artist. This open approach and her willingness to explore different artistic mediums have allowed her to develop a unique perspective on her field and continue to evolve as an artist.

Ultimately, Dave Paulo's role models have been a mix of talented realist tattoo artists and the expressive world of street art, culminating in his own distinctive style that has earned him recognition and admiration in the tattoo and art community.

For him, mastering his current style of "realistic pop art" was a significant challenge in his career as a tattoo artist. Creating your own distinctive style in the world of tattooing requires a process of experimentation, exploration, and self-discovery.

In the first place, to merge two artistic styles as different as pop art and realism represented a complex task. Both styles have particular characteristics and techniques that, at first glance, may seem contradictory. Pop art is characterized by its vibrant use of color, graphic elements, and emphasis on popular and mass culture themes. On the other hand, realism focuses on capturing the detailed and precise appearance of the subjects, seeking the maximum similarity with reality.

The combination of these two seemingly opposite artistic approaches required a delicate balance. Dave Paulo had to experiment with different techniques, explore the relationship between both styles and find a harmonious way to blend them in his tattoos.

Furthermore, the process of finding her style also involved finding her own voice and artistic expression. As a tattoo artist, it is essential to develop a unique artistic identity that sets you apart from other artists. Finding that identity requires deep self-awareness and an understanding of what aspects of art and expression resonate most with oneself.

Overcoming these challenges and developing his personal style required time, patience and dedication on Dave Paulo's part. However, his persistence and commitment paid off as he managed to establish himself as one of the first tattoo artists to fuse pop art and realism in his tattoos, giving rise to his own style called "realistic pop art".

Dave Paulo's success in mastering his current style is a testament to his creativity, technical skill and ability to explore new territory in the world of tattooing. His distinctive style has allowed him to stand out in the industry and be recognized as an innovative artist, inspiring other tattoo artists and art lovers to follow their own quest for authenticity and originality in their artistic expressions.

For Dave Paulo, the tattoo occupies a central and significant place in his life. It has been a profound transformation that changed the course of his professional and personal career. Tattooing not only represents his livelihood, but it has also been an ever-evolving learning experience that has allowed him to grow and develop as an artist and as an individual.

Tattooing has been a passion that has ignited his creativity and driven him to continue exploring and refining his unique artistic style. Every tattoo you create is an opportunity to learn, improve, and face new challenges. The art of tattooing has been an avenue for personal and professional growth, as each project presents you with the opportunity to surpass yourself and reach new levels of excellence.

The tattoo profession has also been a source of empowerment for Dave. Being able to be her own boss, make creative decisions, and face new challenges on a daily basis has given her a sense of freedom and control over her life and artistic career.

In addition, tattooing has given her the opportunity to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and be a part of significant moments in the lives of her clients. Each tattoo carries a special story and meaning to those who wear it, and being a part of that experience is exciting and rewarding for Dave.

In short, tattooing has been more than a profession for Dave Paulo; It has been a source of inspiration, growth and personal fulfillment. It is a passion that has changed his life and has driven him to continue evolving as an artist and as an individual. His dedication to his craft and his love for the art of tattooing serve as an inspiration to those looking to follow their dreams and pursue their passion with tenacity and commitment.

Looking to the future, Dave Paulo has a clear vision of his artistic career. His intention is to continue dedicating himself to the art of tattooing for a few more years, further consolidating and perfecting his unique style that combines pop art and realism. As an experienced and recognized tattoo artist, he remains committed to the search for excellence in each of his works and constant growth as an artist.

However, he has ambitious plans beyond his career as a tattoo artist. Dave Paulo aspires to expand his artistic horizon and explore the world of painting in a deeper and more focused way. Her love of painting and her ability to use a mixed media with oil paint give her a platform to further develop her creativity and take her art to new levels.

Dave Paulo's ultimate goal is to make painting a central part of his financial livelihood. He will look for opportunities to exhibit and sell his paintings, connect with collectors and art lovers, and thus make a living from his passion and talent as a painter.

Dave Paulo's evolution as an artist does not stop. His dedication and constant search for improvement will allow him to continue surprising and delighting his audience with works that reflect his distinctive style and his unique artistic vision. With his determined focus on art, both tattooing and painting, it is expected that he will continue to make a significant mark on the art community and continue to be a source of inspiration for aspiring artists everywhere.


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