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Melow Perez Spain / Barcelona @melowperezTattoo studio : Folk Tattoo

"Tattooing with Passion, Respect, and a Lifelong Dedication"

Embark on the artistic journey of Melow Perez, a renowned tattoo artist from Barcelona, Spain, whose love for tattoos began in his early years, inspired by family roots and a profound connection to tribal and ornamental styles. In this exclusive interview, Melow takes us through his evolution as an artist, the intricacies of his unique style, and the deep significance tattooing holds in his life.

1. Do you remember how you began your journey in the world of tattooing and why you chose to become a tattoo artist?

if I'm honest, since I can remember I've liked tattoos, my grandfather was tattooed, and when I grew up with them I saw them every day, I used to paint my body with markers to look like him.

When I was 15 years old, whenever I could get some money together, I used to find a way to get a tattoo on the sly, and when I was 18-19 years old, I met my teacher and everything changed. I never decided that I wanted to be a tattoo artist, tattooing was with me since I was very young and life put it in front of me until it became my passion.

2. Define your style for us and explain what led you to choose it. Why do you feel connected to this culture?

I could not define my style, I do what I feel, if it is based on the Ornamentation and tribal ... and of course influenced 100% by my teacher LOBO, a pioneer of tribal in Spain in the 90s.

3. Do you believe in what you do?

Of course I believe in what I do, I respect tattooing and everything that goes with it and the day I do not believe in what I do, I would consider leaving it.

I always have to be motivated to work, and believing in what you do motivates you to keep learning and improving.

4. How do you prepare to create a design? Does it take a lot of time for a special request, or do you have predetermined designs?

unfortunately I don't have much time to prepare the designs, I work every day and it is impossible for me to prepare anything in advance.

I draw in the evenings when I get home from work, if I didn't believe in this or it was my passion, do you think I would do this every day after having worked 8 hours? HahahahahahI don't have predetermined designs, I have a lot of library and documentation that helps me to prepare the designs.

5. Why do you think people choose your style?

I don't know, that should be answered by the people who get tattooed with me.

I try to transmit my passion to the person, and make the person enjoy a good experience during the duration of the tattoo.

6. Your artistic pieces have an undeniable appeal. What do you attribute this to? Can you imagine it?

Well, I don't know, what I always tell the client is that with the idea that he gives me, I will make a design that I myself would wear tattooed, that gives me the motivation and the effort to do something that for me is great.Then try to make it as contrasted and simple as possible, that it lasts in time

7. Have you worked on other projects with your mask designs?

I have worked on designs for jewelry and wood, and some clothing.

Next year I have my own projects for clothing, merchandise and jewelry in which you might see some of my designs.

8. Do you have any artistic training?

I don't have any training as an artist, just hard work, make mistakes, learn, make mistakes again and learn again... that's a continuum.

9. What does tattooing mean in your life?

uf, it's my passion, I've been tattooing since I was 15 years old and I'm 41, almost 3/4 of my life. And it doesn't stop, it's the never ending. There is always something to do.

For me the tattoo is a therapy, an addiction, something that makes me be centered, a bubble where there is only the machine, the skin and me, the only place where the head does not spin

10. Do you often travel? Do you do guest spots? Do you participate in conventions?

well I haven't traveled for a long time, I like it a lot and I have many friends spread all over the world, who I would like to see more, but now I have my family and with my work I hardly have time to spend as much time as I would like to.

My idea is to work less, choose more projects and have more time to be with my wife and daughter and be able to travel with them.

11. It was clearly a path of passion, respect, and dedication for what you do. After some time, how do you see yourself both personally and professionally?

I see that I need to keep learning more, it is a constant learning process, I am very critical with my work and I always see the failures, so I still have a long way to go.

12. Are there any projects left to accomplish in your career?

As I said before, this is a non-stop, there is always something to do in your life and of course in your work if it is your passion

13. How can people interested in your work get in touch with you?

If you want to get a tattoo with me, just write me an email and I will answer you as soon as possible, it takes me up to a month to answer, but I ALWAYS answer, to accept or say no. So I encourage you to write me and we can do something nice together.

14. To whom would you like to express your gratitude for accompanying your journey?

First of all to my wife and my daughter for understanding my passion and my madness for this, if you don't have someone to support this it would be practically impossible,

Of course to my teacher LOBO for making me see, feel, respect and love the tattoo as I do.

Of course to each and every one of the people who have tattooed and will tattoo with me. Without them I could not do it and it would not be possible.

To Xuama for giving me the opportunity to grow professionally.

To my colleagues, friends, partners, who have crossed in all these years, nor would it be possible without them.

To all those who have contributed in my path, and to those who have not, what the hell!

15. Any messages or words for your followers and admirers?

Thank you very much for following my work, I hope you continue to like it and if you ever want to get a tattoo, do not hesitate to write me, you will remember it all your life, and the memory will be very good in every way!

Peace and health!


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