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cheon an Haewall - Renowned South Korean Tattoo Artist

Reflects on Two Decades in the Inked World

In the vibrant tapestry of South Korea's tattoo scene, one artist has left an indelible mark with a unique style and an unwavering dedication to his craft. Haewall, a celebrated tattoo artist from South Korea, recently shared insights into his remarkable journey in the industry, shedding light on his beginnings, inspirations, and the profound connection between art and emotion.

Haewall's journey commenced in 2003 when he ventured into the tattoo business. Reflecting on those early days, he recalls, "I started my tattoo business in 2003." However, it wasn't until around 2008 that he made the pivotal decision to transition into a professional tattoo artist. This marked the genesis of his distinctive style, a testament to his evolving identity within the ever-evolving realm of tattoo artistry.

Academically inclined, Haewall is not merely an artist but also a researcher. He delves into the intricacies of the tattooing process, exploring the connection between tattoo ink particles and melanocytes. This dual commitment to both the artistic and scientific facets of his work showcases Haewall's holistic approach to his craft.

Haewall vividly recalls his inaugural foray into tattooing. In 2003, he took on the challenge of a Koi tattoo for an acquaintance. The experience, though fraught with challenges, laid the foundation for his resilience and dedication. From a fading sketch to a marathon session lasting until the early hours, Haewall emerged from this trial with a newfound appreciation for the artistry and patience required in the tattooing process.

The artist draws inspiration from a select group of industry luminaries. "Hori Hide, Matsunase Tatsuo, and Pittakkm" are his reference points, signaling the influence these iconic figures have had on shaping Haewall's distinctive approach to tattoo art.

Speaking on the current state of the tattoo industry, Haewall offers a profound perspective. To him, tattooing is a collaborative endeavor, a synthesis of bravery between the artist and the client. He envisions a future where professions tied to the survival of human emotions, resistant to easy replacement by AI machines, will thrive. Among these, he sees tattoo artists as quintessential embodiments of this unique connection.

Looking ahead, Haewall's aspirations are rooted in family values. "I always live for my family," he declares, underscoring the significance of maintaining a balance between professional pursuits and personal priorities.

In his closing remarks, Haewall imparts valuable advice to aspiring tattoo artists – a call to remain humble and a reminder to express gratitude to the clients who choose to entrust their skin to his artistry.

For those seeking Haewall's renowned tattoo services, reaching out is just a click away. He can be contacted via Instagram (@haewall) or through email at This in-depth interview unveils the layers of Haewall's journey, showcasing not only his artistic prowess but also the principles and values that underpin his contributions to the dynamic world of tattoo artistry.


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