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An Inspirational Journey and Triumph in the World of Tattooing

Ever Luis Rivero, a prominent tattoo artist, invites us to explore his fascinating journey from Cuba to the United States, a journey that not only transformed his life but also deeply influenced his path to becoming a professional tattoo artist. Through his story, we will discover how his artistic education, tattoo studio, and recent triumph in the international competition of DGN Tattoo Magazine have all contributed to shaping his identity as an exceptional tattoo artist. From his unique artistic approach to his future plans of establishing the 4Ever Tattoo Academy, Ever shares his passion for tattooing and his vision of merging art and tattooing into an unparalleled creative expression.

1. Ever, your immigration story from Cuba to the United States is inspiring. Can you share how that transition was and how it influenced your path to becoming a professional tattoo artist?

To immigrate to the United States was a pivotal turning point in my life and career as a tattoo artist. My immigration story from Cuba to the United States was a journey filled with challenges and opportunities that significantly influenced my path towards becoming a professional tattoo artist.

In Cuba, the conditions for artists were precarious. Despite my passion for art and tattooing, economic limitations and the lack of adequate resources posed significant obstacles to my artistic development. The scarcity of quality supplies and the absence of access to formal tattoo education were insurmountable hurdles on my journey.

However, upon arriving in the United States, I experienced a radical shift in my perspective and opportunities. This country provided me with tools and resources that were beyond my imagination. I had the chance to immerse myself in the tattoo culture in a much more professional and respectful manner. I gained access to proper training and the high-quality materials necessary to refine my craft.

The transition to the United States exposed me to a diversity of tattoo styles and techniques that enriched my knowledge and allowed me to grow as an artist. Furthermore, I was able to establish connections with other talented and passionate tattoo artists, which further inspired me to pursue my path in this field.

In summary, my immigration story to the United States not only offered me an escape from the limitations I faced in Cuba but also opened doors to a world of possibilities in tattooing. This transition deeply influenced my journey toward professionalization as a tattoo artist, enabling me to grow and develop my artistry to its fullest potential.

2. You mentioned your training at the Professional Academy of Fine Arts in Cuba and later at the Academy of Art in North Carolina. How has your art education influenced your approach as a tattoo artist?

My training at the Professional Academy of Fine Arts in Cuba and later at the Academy of Art in North Carolina has had a profound impact on my approach as a tattoo artist. These educational experiences have shaped my perspective and influenced how I approach my work in the world of tattooing.

My artistic education has driven me to pursue perfection, both from a technical and artistic standpoint, but now applied to the canvas of my clients' skin. In the academy, I acquired fundamental skills in drawing, composition, and the mastery of various artistic techniques. These skills have become the foundation of my work as a tattoo artist, enabling me to create precise and aesthetically appealing designs.

Beyond technical skills, my education in the academy provided me with conceptual tools and a deeper understanding of art theory. This has enriched my approach as a tattoo artist by allowing me to approach each design with critical thinking and a deeper appreciation for aesthetics. I can apply artistic principles such as composition, balance, and contrast to my tattoos to ensure they are visually striking and meet my clients' expectations.

Ultimately, my focus as a tattoo artist is primarily centered on my drawing skills, and this is largely attributed to my education in the art academies. My goal is to translate my technical and artistic knowledge into high-quality tattoos that are not only visually appealing but also tell stories and hold significant meaning for my clients. My artistic education has been the cornerstone upon which I've built my career as a tattoo artist, enabling me to offer my clients work that goes beyond the skin and becomes a lasting artistic expression.

3. Now you are the owner of 4Ever Tattoo Ink Studio in North Carolina. What motivated you to open your own studio, and how have you created a unique space for your clients?

The opening of 4Ever Tattoo Ink Studio in North Carolina was driven by a profound motivation and vision. My primary goal in establishing my own tattoo studio was to create a space that was inherently tied to artistic creativity, rather than being solely focused on commercial aspects. I aimed to build a place where artistic expression took precedence, and where each tattoo would become a unique and meaningful masterpiece for the client.

In my studio, creativity is at the core of everything we do. From designing tattoos to selecting colors and techniques, we constantly seek innovative ways to carry out our work. Each tattoo represents an opportunity to explore new ideas and approaches, allowing us to push the boundaries of creativity and create art on skin. In addition to our emphasis on artistic creativity, we also strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. Quality and client satisfaction are paramount to us. We ensure the use of high-quality materials, adhere to rigorous hygiene practices, and work closely with our clients to understand their visions and ensure their expectations are met with precision.

Regarding the ambiance, we've crafted a unique and welcoming space for our clients. We want them to feel comfortable and relaxed while they are in our studio. The atmosphere is designed to inspire and stimulate creativity, with artistic elements adorning our walls and meticulous attention to detail in the decor. This contributes to making the experience of getting a tattoo at 4Ever Tattoo Ink Studio memorable and special.

In summary, the opening of my tattoo studio in North Carolina was motivated by a deep commitment to artistic creativity and a dedication to excellence in our work. Our goal is to provide our clients with a space where their ideas can be transformed into skin art, and where they can enjoy a unique and meaningful experience in the world of tattooing.

4. You have a strong passion for art and tattooing. Could you tell us more about the categories you specialize in, such as "black and gray" and "Realism black and gray"? What attracts you to these styles in particular?

I have a deep passion for art and tattooing, and one of the areas where I've specialized is in the "black and gray" and "Realism black and gray" styles. These particular styles have captured my interest for several reasons.

What initially drew me to these styles is the incredible attention to detail that can be achieved. "Black and gray" is characterized by the use of shades of gray to create shadows and three-dimensional effects in the tattoo. This technique allows for an impressive range of nuances and fine details that can bring a variety of designs to life, from realistic portraits to more abstract elements. The subtlety of the gray tones and the ability to create depth and texture are aspects that I find fascinating and challenging.

Moreover, these styles are exceptionally versatile. They can be applied to a wide variety of skin tones, meaning that I can work on tattoos for people with different skin tones without compromising the quality of the design. This is important to me as I want my tattoos to be accessible and suitable for anyone who wishes to express themselves through skin art.

Recently, I've also been delving into color realism. This style adds an extra layer of complexity to the color palette and allows me to explore the most accurate and vibrant representation of subjects in my tattoos.

In summary, my attraction to these styles lies in their ability to offer exceptional details and their versatility in application to different skin types. These styles have allowed me to express my passion for art and tattooing uniquely, and I'm excited to continue exploring new frontiers in the world of tattooing, including color realism.

5. Winning the DGN Tattoo Magazine international competition and being chosen among 10 artists from around the world by a panel of experts is an outstanding achievement. Can you describe your experience during the competition and what you believe impressed the judges about your work?

Winning the international competition of DGN Tattoo Magazine and being selected among 130 artists from around the world by an expert panel was truly an exceptional achievement in my career. Participating in this competition was an exciting and fulfilling experience that meant a lot to me. Being among a group of artists with such remarkable talent and exceptional skills was an honor and a challenge in itself. Each of us brought a unique focus and artistic vision to the competition, making it even more thrilling and competitive.

What I believe impressed the judges was the passion and dedication I poured into each of my submitted pieces. Every tattoo I created was crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, reflecting my deep love for the art of tattooing. Furthermore, I made an effort to express my unique style and artistic approach in each design, adding a personal dimension to my works.

The fact that the judges recognized and valued this passion and dedication in my work was truly gratifying. I believe my commitment to quality, originality, and genuine artistic expression in my tattoos resonated with them. Winning this competition was a significant milestone in my career as a tattoo artist and motivated me to continue exploring and expanding my artistic boundaries in the world of tattooing.

6. The competition's judging panel consisted of prominent artists, including Andrei Stepanov, Valentina Riabova, Dave Paulo, Myke Chambers, Victor Portugal, and Haewall. How did you feel knowing that your work would be evaluated by such an esteemed panel of judges?

Knowing that my work would be evaluated by such distinguished judges was a truly exhilarating experience. I felt extremely honored and proud to have the opportunity to showcase my art to influential and respected artists in the world of tattooing.

Each of these judges is an authority in their own style and has left a significant mark on the tattooing community. Their achievements and contributions to the world of tattoo art are widely recognized, which made the evaluation process even more meaningful to me. Knowing that my work was positively appreciated by this high-caliber panel of judges was a validation of my dedication and effort in my career as a tattoo artist. It meant that my art resonated with some of the best artists in the field, and that's something I am immensely proud of.

This experience also inspired me to continue honing my skills and exploring new frontiers in my art. Knowing that my work was evaluated by these distinguished judges motivated me to keep challenging myself and to keep growing as a tattoo artist. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and the recognition it has brought to my craft.

7. Given your success in the international competition, how do you think this will influence your career as a tattoo artist in the future? Do you have specific projects or goals you would like to achieve?

Winning the international competition will have a profoundly positive impact on my career as a tattoo artist, marking a significant turning point in my journey. This victory is not only a meaningful personal achievement but has also elevated my visibility and credibility within the global tattooing community.

One of my current goals, which is already in progress, is the establishment of the 4Ever Tattoo Academy. This academy aims to take my knowledge and experience to an international level. Within it, I aspire to demonstrate to the world that tattooing and art are not two separate disciplines but can coexist and merge into a single creative expression.

My vision is to share my techniques, artistic approaches, and insights with a global audience of passionate tattoo enthusiasts. I want the academy to be a place where aspiring and experienced tattoo artists can learn to blend technique with creativity, transforming each tattoo into a unique masterpiece. Through this initiative, I hope to contribute to the growth and evolution of the tattooing community and promote a greater recognition of tattooing as a legitimate form of artistic expression.

In summary, winning the international competition has provided me with a platform to pursue my most ambitious goals, such as establishing the 4Ever Tattoo Academy. I am excited about the impact this will have on my career and the world of tattooing as a whole, and I am committed to continuing to explore new frontiers on my journey as a tattoo artist.

8. Could you share any anecdotes or memorable experiences from the competition process that left a lasting impression on you?

It was a truly gratifying experience to be nominated alongside some of the most prominent artists in the tattoo industry in this competition. The process itself was exciting and challenging, pushing me to create exceptional artworks that represented my style and skills to the best of my ability.

However, what I remember most vividly, and what left a lasting impression on me, was the moment I received the news that I was the winner. I had been preparing myself for the possibility of receiving an award, but what happened far exceeded all my expectations. Instead of a regular award, I was named the "Winner of Winners" and secured the first place in the competition.

It was a moment of pure emotion and surprise. Feeling that my work and passion had been recognized in this way was absolutely overwhelming. The sensation of having achieved something so significant in my career as a tattoo artist is something I deeply treasure and will always carry with me as a continuous inspiration to reach greater heights in my art.

9. Achieving success in an international competition of this caliber is a testament to your talent and dedication. What advice would you give to other tattoo artists aspiring to achieve similar accomplishments in their careers?

The advice I would give to other artists is: Success will be proportional to your sacrifice, put love and dedication into your work, and remember that art is not just a career but a way of life.

10. For those who admire your work and wish to get in touch with you or visit your studio, what is the best way to do so, and where can they find more information about your services and portfolio?

The best way to reach me is:


Instagram: @4evertattooink

Address: 6600 E Independence Blvd Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: 704-499-0289

11. Lastly, is there any message or expression of gratitude you would like to convey to your followers and those who have supported your career, especially on your journey to victory in the DGN Tattoo Magazine competition?

First and foremost, thank you very much to all the people who have positively contributed to my career and artistic and professional growth. Without the support of each and every one of you, none of this would have been possible. I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: "To live from art is to live."





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