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Bullyart - Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Social Media: @bullyart_

Tattoo Studio: ICONIC Studio 

Step into the fascinating world of art as we delve into the incredible journey of Bullyart, a tattoo artist hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Born in 1991, this 32-year-old artist has always harbored a profound passion for various forms of artistic expression. From drawing and painting to music, graffiti, and film, his childhood was a canvas of creativity. Inspired by the freedom art bestows, Bullyart embarked on his artistic journey, with his mother's encouragement to explore drawing and painting from a young age. Over a decade ago, he set out on his path to tattoo artistry, dedicating himself wholeheartedly to this discipline and overcoming numerous obstacles along the way. Beyond his illustrious career as a tattoo artist, Bullyart is the founder of the 'Iconic' tattoo studio and art gallery, a space that reflects his passion for art in all its forms and his commitment to artistic growth. In this interview, we explore the fusion of pop art and graffiti that defines his artistic style, the delicate balance between tattoos and painting, and the profound influence of Rio de Janeiro on his creative journey.

1. Bullyart, can you tell us about your beginnings in the art world? What inspired you to become an artist?

I was born in 1991 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which makes me 32 years old now.

As a kid, I was always into different art forms — drawing, painting, music, graffiti, movies; you name it. I loved the freedom that art gave me, letting me create my own reality without sticking to the rules everyone else followed.

My mom was the one who got me into art. She wasn't a professional artist, but she enjoyed art and encouraged me to explore drawing and painting from a young age.

Eleven years ago, while I was still in school, I decided to pursue tattoo artistry as a career. I dropped everything to focus on this goal. Finding an apprenticeship took time and persistence — I faced many rejections and spent one and a half years building a better portfolio. Eventually, I landed a spot in a tattoo studio.

2. How did you discover your passion for tattooing? Was there a specific event or influence that led you down this path?

I began tattooing over 10 years ago, before social media was really a thing - and tattooing wasn’t as accepted as today.

I remember that they began to send programs in the television about tattooing, and this woke a great interest in me.

3. We understand that you work in both tattoos and painting. How do you balance these two forms of artistic expression in your life?

I'm still in the process of finding the right balance between tattoos and painting. Both are crucial for my artistic development, but currently, my focus leans towards tattooing. It remains my priority at the moment, allowing me to hone my skills as a tattoo artist.

4. Your artistic style is described as a fusion of pop art and graffiti. What attracts you to these styles, and how do you incorporate them into your work?

In my latest series of artworks, I incorporate elements from classic paintings, graffiti, and modern influences. I draw significant inspiration from the digital world, which has a strong connection to my work as a tattoo artist, especially in the realm of realism, which often involves photo manipulation. Additionally, I have a background in graffiti art, which I've recently integrated into my tattoo work. This allows clients to infuse more personality and hidden meanings into their tattoos.

This new series of artworks is a reflection of my recent creative journey as an artist. However, in the realm of tattoos, it's a collaborative effort with the client, resulting in a fusion of emotions. On canvas, I have the liberty to exclusively express myself.

The contrast between the beauty of classic paintings and the disruptive elements of graffiti serves as a reflection of the significant contrasts we observe in today's society.

5. In addition to your art, you also have a tattoo studio called "Iconic." What does "Iconic" mean to you, and how does it reflect the essence of your studio?

"Iconic" holds great personal significance for me. It embodies a concept—a creative space that allows artists to evolve, not just as tattoo artists but as overall creators. It's a place where we're constantly immersed in various forms of art, motivating us to step out of our comfort zones and grow as artists. The essence of "Iconic" lies in fostering creativity and pushing artistic boundaries.

6. Let's delve a bit deeper into "Iconic." Can you give us an overview of your tattoo studio and how it sets itself apart from others?

ICONIC Studio is an art gallery and tattoo studio - that in itself sets the studio apart from most other studios. Tattoo artists today are multi-artists - many tattooists expresses their art in different medias, and we wanted to create a space, where exactly that is possible.

Tattooing has become fine-art, we believe that the artist by creating different forms of arts, the artist will improve its overall skillset, which will reflect positively on the tattoos.

The gallery is an active gallery, with many different artists having their exhibition, but we are really proud, that we’re able to also offer this opportunity to our artists (tattooers). 

When you look at the tattoo scene in Brazil and compares to the US and Europe, there is a gap in the clients perception of the art of tattooing, and we wantED to bring this to Brazil.

We recently had our 1 year anniversary. 

7. How do you select the artworks to be displayed in your gallery, and what kind of art can be found there?

The gallery is an active gallery, with different exhibitions.

We’re working closely with a Social projects, where we gather different artists that will showcase their work, and in the end there’s held an auction of the artworks - and the sales is donated. We have had several editions already.

We have had some solo exhibitions too with our tattoo artists, my own solo exhibition inclusive.

8. Rio de Janeiro is a vibrant city in terms of culture and art. How has the city influenced your work and artistic style?

Rio de Janeiro has significantly inspired my artistic journey. The city's liberating atmosphere encourages me to challenge myself and not follow trends. It has broadened my perspective beyond tattooing, pushing me to explore various art forms. The abundance of street art and the artistic spirit of Brazilians in Rio have taught me to see possibilities rather than boundaries, a valuable skill in my creative endeavors.

9. We know you've participated in exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Could you share some standout experiences from these exhibitions?

Participating in conventions has provided valuable experiences. It's essential for artists to stay updated with the industry and draw inspiration to challenge themselves. These events help in building a strong network. However, at this stage in my career, I'm more focused on personal growth than conventions.

10. Lastly, where are you currently in your artistic career, and what exciting projects do you have on the horizon?

I'm committed to continually learning and pushing myself to avoid getting too comfortable in a routine. I believe there's always something new to learn and create, and that mindset keeps me evolving.

Lately I’m exploring 3D modeling and sculptures, I have a great passion for digital art.

11. Where can they contact you?


Tattoo Studio: ICONIC Studio 


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